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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic. It never  breaks down. It just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces.
The great pacific garbage patch is the biggest garbage dump in the world. Mostly plastic is in this dump. Animals are eating this plastic, we eat those animals!

More plastic than plankton? This must be stopped. It will just go downhill from here.

        How do we stop this? We need to stop making plastic, We need to reduce,reuse, and recycle , Stop using plastics. They are harmful, not only to the environment, but for us, for the WORLD. Plastics contain BPA, and chemicals. Eating out of plastic makes people unhealthy, and sick, it contributes to cancer! Making plastics contributes to global warming. We make plastic in factories, factories release chemicals into the air, which mixes into the water table. We drink that water! We are making ourselves sick. We need to stop this.
 Fix this problem
                              Stop buying plastic!

We need to help ourselves.
       We started it,
              We need to finish it.

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